Knitting Needles Plastic Straight Single Pointed Knitting Needles 4.0mm 5.0mm 6.0mm 7.0mm 8.0mm 9.0mm 10.0mm for Beginers+❤️ durabe knitting bag❤️

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✅airplane travel plastic knitting needles–knitting while flying and didn’t want to lose your good needles to over zealous security people.These knitting needles are to be perfectly adequate for the small light weight items what you a looking for. Brilliant for travelling,they fit in my handbag ready to knit on the go.Recommend trying anyways for a long flight!

✅children safety knitting needles—knitting needles are good enough for toys and dolls clothes. Perfect, needed different sized needles to knit Christmas toys, these were just right.

✅beginners straight single pointed knitting needles— come with 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm and a knitting bag.They are a good buy for a beginner who needed a few different sizes but wasn’t sure they could justify more expensive needles.

✅healthy knitting needles for your hands—plastic knitting needles are strong and comfortable to use.lovely to knit with as who suffer from arthritis and like short knitting needles.This means can knit comfortably and pain free as they are light and comfortable to hold. are both strong and pliable as knitters will know your needles get warmer with use.

✅Bonus is different colours— Good selection of sizes in vibrant colours at a good price and quality. nice and bright colours of the knitting needles,which made them easy to pair.I also like the colour coding to show what size they are.

✅Bright,fun and practical knitting needles—The ends are not sharp,which is less likely that they will split the wool. they were made of a good strong plastic and the range oh sizes makes knitting.These are lovely needles to work with and slide easily with no catching on the stitches.hates the noise metal needles

✅what you will get?—14pcs knitting needles + a knitting bag


  • ❤️size of Knitting Needles—4.0mm 5.0mm 6.0mm 7.0mm 8.0mm 9.0mm 10.0mm(each size has 2 needles)Length of knitting needle: approx. 25 cm. PACKEGE INCLUDE: 14pcs knitting needles + a knitting bag.
  • ❤️Single Pointed Knitting Needles are made of resin material.Knitting Needles has good elasticity and is not easy to break. Colorful Plastic needles has bright colors and smooth surface. It is an essential tool for DIY weaving.
  • ❤️This stick of the knitting needles can only be used for piece weaving, not for loop knitting.The ergonomic design of the plasic needles with the plug allows you to worry about the knitting at the other end when knitting, making the knitting more convenient.
  • ❤️knitting neendles made of high-quality and environmentally friendly ABS plastic as raw material. The needle body has certain toughness. It is more resistant to falling, anti-fracture and anti-aging ability than ordinary plastic rods. It is not easy to break and make the weaving smoother.Feel lighter! The thicker numbers don’t feel bulky, and the beautiful colored needles add to the fun of weaving!
  • ❤️Nice Selection of Knitting Needles Sizes:The size marked on the needles is very easy to see because the sizing is very clearly displayed on the ends.The suppliers had included the equivalent “old” comparisons on the opposite caps of the needles more suit for which get used to the old ones.the Metric sizes are marked at the top of needles to avoiding confusion.great for beginning and moving on to bigger projects.
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