Chunky Needles XXL, Bambus size 20mm, length 35 cm (1 pair), DIY, Knitting Needles, Big Wood Needles for Chunky Knitting


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Little time, little effort and big impact! The trend towards self-knitting has arrived in many living rooms. Especially the handmade blankets made of trendy XXL wool are so practical, nice and cuddly. For this you need these practical helpers made of smooth bamboo wood. The XXL knitting needles are comfortable to hold and do not slip, gliding through the yarn without tearing or hanging. The stopper ensures that the wool does not slip off the needle. With the XXL knitting needles, the XXL wool can be turned into personal artworks with little expenditure of time. Knitting is like yoga, you can completely forget the outside world and concentrate only on your hands, stitch by stitch, within a few minutes visible results are already – tangible. Even knit laymen get it and are excited about XXL knitting. How about a little basket for your pet, they will love it and forgive you the little knitting mistakes. The XXL knitting needles are an indispensable tool, they are designed to meet the requirements of XXL wool. The knitting needles are stable and unbreakable. The natural tone of the knitting needles lets their wool shine. Find nice acryl chunky yarn in out Emma J. Store.


  • SIZE: 20 mm, Length: 35 cm
  • MATERIAL: Bamboo, Colour: Natural
  • DETAILS: These pairs of needles will help you to have a regular work in large stitches, the knit will advance faster and it will be very comfortable for you because it is very light compared to their sizes. Ideal for knitting wool XXL. They were made to knit blankets and large carpets.
  • BEST QUALITY: Smooth wood needles keep your yarn from snagging but keep your stitches secure on the needle. The needles are break resistance and mildew resistant.
  • TREND: Bulky knits are all over Pinterest, Facebook, and fashion magazines. Handmade blankets are very trendy for your home or as a present to your family. The large stitches make them look unique.
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